The GMAC Students Challenge 2013

The GMAC Students Challenge is back for another year in 2013. GMAC hopes that this event will stimulate students' interest in the science of gene technology. Participants of this year's competition will create mini documentaries of around 7 to 10 minutes on the adopted theme "The Future: Possibilities and Limitations of GM Technology".

Student Participants have been tasked, specifically, is as follows:

Genetic modification (GM) technology has been around for decades. Supporters of this technology are of the view that it has great potential to solve many of the world’s most pressing problems, such as hunger and a lack of affordable medicine. Opponents claim that GM technology will have adverse effects on human health and the environment. It has long been a contentious issue debated by many parties; a consensus seems unlikely in the near future.

You and your production team are tasked to produce a documentary about the possibilities and limitations of GM technology. You have the responsibility to portray an objective view of the subject matter which is able to capture the viewers’ attention on the technology’s benefits and shortcomings. Viewers should be able to leave your documentary screening with a clearer idea of the potential of GM technology, yet also informed of its limitations.

Winners of the competition will return home with the following prizes:
First Prize - S$ 1,200 in cash vouchers (to be shared among group members)
Second Prize - S$ 800 in cash vouchers (to be shared among group members)
Third Prize - S$ 400 in cash vouchers (to be shared among group members)

GMAC will also be organizing a teachers’ briefing to aid teachers-in-charge in guiding their students in the competition.

Details to the GMAC Students Challenge 2013 and registration forms can be found below on this page. Please note that all student participants will be required to seek permission from their teachers-in-charge before registering for the competition.

For enquiries regarding the competition, please contact the GMAC Secretariat at


GMAC Students Challenge 2013 - Competition Details

GMAC Students Challenge 2013 - Briefing for Teachers

GMAC Students Challenge 2013 - Registration Forms